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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


"Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom."----Thomas Jefferson

Honour and truth are the foundations of character. An honest person can accomplish anything for there are no boundaries or limits ,yet ignoring or dismissing the truth is easily done in forms of embellishing facts manipulating information,or hiding unpleasant details.

In moving forward and setting goals for your life,make sure to be honest with yourself and others. Everyone has endured uncomfortable moments or unfortunate circumstances,yet there is always something to learn in each situation.

Whether you endured a tough relationship,bad job experience,or a hard life,except the truth of the situation and move on,instead of carrying the weight of the past or hiding behind painful events,feel the freedom of admitting a mistake and learn from it.

Shakespare wrote "honesty is the best policy,if I lose my honour,I lose myself".

Regardless of the circumstances , always follow the truth wherever it may lead,build youu world on something solid and realize the power that comes from honesty.

To build a foundation on falsehood or live life in a state of denial will lead only to futhure problems. It creates borders and limits our potential-a painful or discouraging past that will be carried into the future. By being honest,there is no room for misconceptions,nothing to fear,and nothing to run from. The truth moves us powerfully forward,lies are anchors that continually pull us back.

Last Note
Honesty is the essential foundation on which to build the rest of your life,by basing everything on the truth our opportunities are infinite.

Credits to C.Stewart.

Love Always


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