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Saturday, 25 May 2013


Well for some of you who don't know about swinging/swingers let me tell you alil bit about it.

Sometimes last week I bought this series called swing town,I dint know what to expect I was just desperate,and bored so I just need to watch something interesting.

The series is about this particular couple who are in an open relationship,when I say open,I mean they don't cheat but sleep with other people,they pick their own partners and are open about it,and one would think *oh,I don't think this will work*but funny enough out of the 3 main couples in the series their relationship was the best,because they dint have any secrets,if they admired someone they would tell each other.

Mercy of @coolfmnigeria talked about this same topic this morning and made some examples of people who *we* think are in it...will smith and partner and monique and partner...

Here are some of the tweets from listeners this morning

@Daddyconchus said "open marriage is never going to work in nigeria,its totally wrong"

@Enitasophie said"Nigeria men can cope seeing their women with another men"

@larryoval said "If I herar say he work,nigerians are jealous people"

Personally I think different things work for different people,I am the jealous type,and if my partner wants to do something like that then I will...lol..

Lastly,Also,Swinging is safer and easier if both partners are comfortable indulging in it. It is a team game. Not a solo affair

So what do you think??

Love Always


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