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Saturday, 25 May 2013


Habits are like gravity,they will always pull you towards them. Have you had a problem with your diet?,or biting your nails?
A habit is an acquired,learned behaviour that we do without even thinking about it. Some people grow up around people with positive habits such as neatness,goodliness,cleanliness,and oder.
Some have established postive habits concerning diet and exercise. Feeding procrastination,unforgiveness ,impatience,low self-steem,or other negative trait will only make them stronger
A study shows that 90percent of our everyday behaviour is based on our habits. It's okay, we've all got a habit that we'd like to ditch. The problem is that human beings are prone to create routines.


Don't Pull the Trigger:
When it comes to bad habits, like knuckle cracking, there's usually a trigger emotion or situation that
causes it. Many negative habits come from stress, uncertainty or fear. Once you analyze what your trigger is for bad behavior, you can start on the road
to eradicating it. How? Create a journal of the feelings and circumstances that surround specific incidents. You don't have to do it indefinitely. Try it for a week or two. Read what you've written about your habitual problem and take a mental note of the triggers that cause it. The next time a trigger situation pops up, you can employ methods to
change your ways.

Replace the Habit
Using a replacement behavior is one way to stop an offending habit. Pick something that's less damaging than the habit you're used to. In this way,
you start to create a new routine. Read on for a couple of classic ways to replace.

Breathe, Meditate
Heidi Hanna, a Ph.D. and performance coach, says that deep breathing brings positive endorphins to the brain and helps relieve stress. It also helps your
muscles relax and can reduce inflammation. In other words, it helps remove tension in the moment. Meditation, which involves deep
breathing, can help too.
To meditate, focus on a singular thought or positive vision to draw your thoughts away from your urge to engage in the habit.

Get Inspired
One of the best ways to find your inner strength is to be influenced by positive role models I'm a major fan of inspirational quotes Need some reading? Consider a biography
of a successful individual the book will detail a person who persisted even in the face of uncertainty. This is one way to use our imitation tendency to great effect.

Practice Can Make Perfect
Finally, when you find yourself reaching for that extra cup of coffee or chocolate cupcake, remind yourself of this simple fact: we can retrain ourselves to break any habit.

Remember that your habits today will determine your future. Examine your life,take inventory of your habits,and when you find something that's not right,be quick to change. In the process,you will establish the habit of becoming a better you.

Love Always


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