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Saturday, 25 May 2013


When you die,what would you like to be remembered for?...that's a big question..let that sink for a minute!..

This isn't about us,or one of sue motivates/inspires moment,this is about our own Professor Chinua Achebe.

The great literary genius Chinua Achebe was buried in his home town of Ogidi yesterday, 23rd May 2013. We remember him with fond memories.
The life he lived, the stories he told and the principles he stood for.

Professor Achebe died at the age of 82 in Boston, USA. Hundreds of people came out to give the great Achebe a befitting farewell. Nigerian President,
Goodluck Jonathan was also in attendance and he read short passages from Achebe’s work. Referring
to Achebe’s book “There Was A Country”, the president said “ All of us must work together so that our children will know there is a country.“
Rest in peace Chinua Achebe

Love Always


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