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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Using Your Words To Generate Positive Outcomes- Sue Motivates

Using words to generate positive thoughts and emotions is something you can begin right now and change your life. It requires no monetary
investment, no time, and only a little effort. Here are twelve ways to use your own words to generate positive outcomes.

1. If you don't feel well or you're tired, never tell anyone that. Instead, say, "I could use more energy" or, "Once I'm fit and healthy, I'll be fine." Every time
you say something like, "I'm feeling depressed," you're simply adding to your burden, albeit unintentionally. The more you repeat your complaints, the worse you'll feel.

2. Avoid words such as "cannot" when
referring to yourself. Instead, reach for a higher-energy statement such as, "When I can…" Also avoid words such as "hopefully" or "maybe" or "one day," because when you use those words you are really saying, "I'd like to, but I can't."

3. Begin and end each communication on an up note. This is especially important especially when one is using electronic media. It's imperative that the last message you type is a positive word leading to positive thoughts. Try, "Best," or "Cheers," or "Keep smiling,love always,All is well".Because you wrote it, you get the benefit. The recipient reads it, gets an image of a smiling friend, and receives a lift from it, too.

4. Remove words like "hate" from your
vocabulary. Instead of, "I hate it when that happens," try, "I prefer it when…" This is not easy to do, and you'll forget. But if you attempt to make a few small changes in your speech you'll see a big improvement in outcome.

5.Begin and end your day with a positive thought. Before you go to sleep at night, thank yourself for a great day. When you wake up, the first words in your head should be something like, "I feel absolutely fantastic, and I know today is a successful day for me."

To be Continued.

Love Always

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