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Monday, 8 July 2013

Positivity: Making Your Words Work For You(Introduction)

We were not created to be average, we were created to excel. Too many people go around with low self-esteem feeling inferior,as if they do not have what it takes. As long as we have that poor self-image,we are not going to rise above that image.

One of the best ways to improve our self image is with our words. Words are like seeds,they have creative power.

Everyday,we should make positive declarations oer our lives,we should say things like : I am blessed,I am prosperous,I am healthy,I am talented,I am wise,when you do that,you are building your self-image.As these words permeate in your heart and mind,and especially your subconscious mind,eventually they will begin to change the way you see yourself.

Some individual curse their own future by saying things like 'I don't have what it takes,I am so clumsy,I can't get anything right,I am so undisciplined, I will probably never lose this weight.

We must be extremely careful what we allow out of our mouth,our words set the direction for our lives.

On a final note,I need you to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Am I blessing my life with my words?
2. Am I cursing my life with my words?

Do you know that your negative words will make you suffer poor self image and with this wrong mindset,you wont go higher.

I will continue this topic tomorrow because there is so much to say.
I hope you guys like this theme
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