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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


An incredible event and a memorable journey began in a small town on the outskirts of Chicago. In one of the snow covered houses sat Tom watching television, he was up later than usual but tonight there was something on the news that captivated him. The announcer was standing in the middle of the city reporting about the trouble with the homeless, in the background was a man freezing on a bench. Tom felt so moved by what he saw;he knew something must be done without delay. He ran to his room,and put a pillow under one arm and a blanket under the other.

He got a ride downtown,peering out the window until he spotted the location he had seen. As tom got out,he saw a man shivering on a wooden bench and said "here sir,this is for you". The man smiled then tom handed him the pillow with that the man's eyes lit up and he replied, "thank you".

Tom was so moved by the experience that he was determined to do more. The next day he made up flyers asking for help and distributed them all around his town. The neighbours thought it was strange at first,but tom continued his enthusiasm inspired them to get involved. They organised people to gather supplies,and filled toms garage with blankets,pillows and food.

A neighbour down the street donated a van so everything could be carried into the city. Then a group of women started cooking meals to be taken along. Within weeks the entire town was participating in a variety of capacities. Eventually shelters started popping up everywhere, bringing hope and a future to the homeless.

This entire event began with just a simple gesture;a small occurrence that grew into an extraordinary event. What is most incredible about this true story if what one person started is that tom was only 11 years old.

Love Always


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