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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Let's Discuss Internal Motivation- Sue Motivates

Hello guys.

I talk about motivation all the time,I put up stories,I publish articles and my guess is that most of you understand all I try to put out( I really appreciate this),while some don't. Well this is for those that really do not understand my message.

This is internal motivation....

Internal motivation comes from within , such as pride , a sense of achievement , responsibility, and belief.

Internal motivation is inner gratification,it basically a feeling of accomplishment,it is lasting because it comes from within and translates into self-motivation.

You should know that the most powerful motivation comes from within our belief system. To be internally motivated,you need to believe in what you do and accept responsibility for your life.

When this happens our belief, actions, and attitudes towards life and every other thing(personally or professionally) becomes positive,we become more productive,life becomes more meaningful.

What do you think about internal motivation?

Do you think we need to be internally motivated to be successful or to be productive?

Let's discuss!!

Love Always

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