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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Taylor Swift has naturally great skin and hair which does not leave room for any beauty blunders. She chooses her products meticulously and has a
few styling rules which she strictly adheres to.
She doesn’t use any hair products for the fear of spoiling and damaging her naturally beautiful hair.
She makes sure to put a night cream every night before going to bed and every morning as well before applying any makeup.
She uses a sun block every time she steps out in the sun to avoid sunburn.

Her everyday makeup essentials include eyeliner, mascara, lipstick natural brown eye shadows, a lash
curler “I love having my hair and makeup done because it makes me look like a better version of myself”. Taylor Swift - When drawing, imagine a line extending from your bottom lid upward and use it as a guide for the eyeliner ‘flick”.Her trick to make the red lipstick last longer is to blot the red lipstick with a tissue, then put a powder on the tissue and press it onto your lips. Then reapply the lipstick. Thus will make the lipstick last longer. But she makes sure that the red lipstick does not get on her teeth.

You must be thinking that like other celebrities she would put herself on
crash diet to look slim and trim. But you are wrong. Taylor Swift is a die hard foodie and does not diet or cut down on her food. She loves to eat and loves cooking as well. She has a heavy breakfast and keeps it light throughout the day. But of course she stays away from sugary beverages like coffee and aerated drinks which contain huge amount of calories. She drinks an extraordinary amount of water which made her friends call her an alien looking at the amount of water she consumes.
She mostly eats light foods like sandwiches, salads and yoghurts during weekdays when she is recording. But on weekends, she breaks all her rules and binges on everything she wants to eat, like burgers, ice cream and cookies.
Taylor Swift has adopted to keep the stress out of her life because stress induces a person to eat more than one need which will eventually lead to increasing weight. You just need to be happy to stay fit..

Taylor Swift is one of the few celebrities who doesn’t have an inch of fat and works out really hard to maintain her figure. She believes that one should not work out simply because they want to lose weight or get into shape as this approach would take even longer time to show results.
While focusing on being healthy, the singer also trains to be in a fit physical shape so that she does not pant on stage during concerts. Standing at 5 feet 11 inches, Taylor Swift feels that she has the legs to become a potential runner. She does an hour long cardio exercise religiously no matter where she is. She makes it a point to do 1
hour of cardio workout on her treadmill every day. She is fact loves it when she sweats as she feels that sweating helps to keep fat at bay and flushes away all the toxins from body. “You can’t indulge without exercising, so I exercise because I love eating and I don’t want to live without anything”.

Love Always

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