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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Hello guys,
This is just a quick test I stumbled upon,I hope you guys go through it thoroughly and make good use of it,it is worth it.

Hold a piece of elastic between your hands. Your left hand stands for NOW,your right hand stands for the FUTURE. Now pull your right hand away from your left hand and feel the pull on your left hand.

Vision is a God-given ability to stretch our minds towards a desired future.Vision creats a tug on our lives that motivates us to make the required sacrifice,if we are to move towards our dream.
Our desires,our gifts,the role models we are drawn to ,and the. oppourtunities that come our way are big clues as to what God wants for for our lives.

Here is an exercise that you should do once a year/month that will strengthen your vision:

1. Write down the roles you play in life(e.g a family memeber ,a friend,a school learner,a child of God).

2. Then pray and ask God to give you ideas about how you can develop yourself in each role over the next year or month. In your imagination
look into the future,what do you see when you look at your life in each role? Next to each role,write what you see.

3. In each case,ask yourself, "what changes and plans do I need to make for this to become a reality?

4. Sit down and revisit your vision once a month ,asking yourself "how am I doing"
5. Celebrate your success,each time you reach one of your goals!

I just started with the test,and I think its going to make us focus on our dreams and goals in life.

Credits to reach4life

Love Always


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