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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ask Sue: Blogger's Experience-My Sunday Experience

Happy Sunday guys!

I didn't go to church today but I got more from staying at home,I got more blessing and fulfilment from listening to my radio. And I believe those of you that went to church today are not as fulfiled as I am :).

I was on to COOL FM 96.9 and INSPIRATION FM 92.3 where I got to listen to Daddy freeze and
Dan foster this morning and it felt like they were talking to me.


I feel very proud of myself that I started blogging, that I started counselling and motivating people,I know it might take awhile to get noticed but that is what i love to do. And I thank God for this,cause he made it possible. Amen!

Moving on swiftly....


he played a sermon by joel osteen(my mentor),joel osteen talked about keeping the strife out of our lives and taking a stand for your family. Joel osteen went in deep and I felt really inspired listening to him speak.


I didn't know daddy freeze of cool fm had it in him,he really went in deep talking about hope,talking to people who are afraid to take a step to go futhure in life,those who don't even know their true potential,those who quit in the midst of trouble,trials and tribulations. He talked about rearranging our priorities and said the only way this can happen is if we take a decision to restore our lives to its original factory settings.

I am still tunned in to inspiration fm,if you are reading this and you want to feel what I am feeling,pls tune in.
Pls always tune in every sunday morning from 7am

I am grateful to God for this opportunity.


Love Always


  1. You guys shouldn't use this as an excuse ohh
    Lol! Go to church people

  2. Nice one!keep it up...but the message is just one of the reasons why we go to church,another important thing is fellowship with others which you can't get from listening to the radio...happy sunday sue!

  3. Pls tell them. Anonymous

  4. You're welcome sue.



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