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Sunday, 21 July 2013

How To Dress For Work- Paying Attention to Fit- Sue Quick Tip

Hello guys.

Paying attention to fit,these goes for everyone and I would love us to pay close attention to the following tips


No To Skimpy Clothes

Everyone knows that you should avoid clothes that are too tight or too skimpy for work(durhhh your place sure doesn't look like a club). If your clothing is overly revealing, you may have difficulty getting attention for your ideas and you might get uncomfortable working with your colleagues

Boost Your Confidence

Clothes that’s two sizes too big can be just as detrimental. If your clothing is shapeless, you’ll end up looking sloppy.
When choosing work outfits, stick to items with a contemporary cut and avoid anything that is ill- fitting or too large. Wearing clothes that fits you well will give you that extra boost of confidence at work.

Get It Tailored

Every one gets their clothes tailored so when you get a particular outfit make sure it is well tailored to your exact size ,because very few people can just go into a store and throw something on and look good.

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Love Always

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  1. Sweet!keep doing your thing.



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