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Sunday, 26 May 2013


Hello guys,

Well,I have been receiving series of mail like this,and I am sure most nigerians due to our greed for money would have fallen for one of these tricks,

So here goes my newest scam mail

I am Mrs Olive Jana Lofer The daughter to the cancer woman (c) my precious mom may her soul rest in perfect peace. My mother contacted you some time ago in respect to the funds transfer of her late husband Lofer Jana, to help take care of me Olive Jana Lofer, before my mother passed a way, she issued a cashier check to you for your help initially although you backed out thinking that the funds transfer was illegal.
Well, everything was legal and legit and went well through the assistance of a Japanese business man who?s is name is Mr. Haruki Kintarou, the funds transfer was successful through him.
I am now with a new family in Kasugai Japan and am very happy again in LIFE. Because the new family I am staying with take me as they only daughter but being an orphan is so challenging but am happy.

In a way to appreciate her kind gesture before she pass away, she dropped a cashier cheque of ( One million two hundred thousand USD ($1,200,000.00) before her death in your name and instructed her personal Rev Father who was praying for us when she is alive. Rev Ochei Kevin to make sure you receive the total amount without any problem.
This is her little way of saying thank you for your initial help. She also makes a comment that you should use some money out in the total amount to help those who need help.
Full Name:
Direct contact number
And your full delivery address
Contact Name: Rev Ochei Kevin
Contact Phone Number +23470 1011 8487


All I know is that I don't have any relative or friend in japan,and I don't know these people,so there is no reason for me to even send my details to them.

I hope no one has fallen for this trick
Pls do not send your contact or bank information to anyone at all.

Enjoy your day

Love always



  1. Get a f**king life dumb ass!

  2. Just remember God don't like ugly...

  3. I pray who is over this scam gets caught and prosecuted to the fullest, and believe me I will make sure u get caught! Trust on that!!!

  4. This is designed for greedy people to get burnt so I say let them. "Give on to Cesar what is Cesar's"

  5. When I recieved that same email, it said that the sender was me. I usually NEVER open an email if I don't recognize the sender, but I was confused because it said that I sent it to myself. Does this mean they know my password? It jusr freaked me out because it says I sent it to myself and I know I didn't and now that I know it's a scam I'm a little worried.



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