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Sunday, 26 May 2013


At 6:30am
Sue! Sue!! Sue!!!,Mum yelled three times from the corridor,you know she does this every morning my room is just adjacent to hers and I wonder why she can't just wake up one morning and carry on with whatever she wants to do without calling me/waking me up first *sigh*

Random thoughts
Yes! Yes! Yes!!!uncle jacobs wedding is in 2 months and I can't wait,you know how much I love weddings and I love to dance at weddings and the special wedding dishes *yumm* now I am reminiscing about sunkanmi's wedding at sheraton,

To do list
I have been thinking about what to do today maybe I should go shopping or go see my sister's school,its been awhile you know.

At 5:30am
Oh did I mention that I jogged today,yeah my elder sister gisted me about how she gets up each morning to jog and do sit-ups and all,and I was like *noone gat time for that* *whew* I love to sleep and sleep. Buth mehn after I tried on that dress I just bought I gat no choice but to start jogging,yh my goal is to lose at least 10kg before uncle jacobs wedding.

Time out
Diary have got to go,mum needs me....

Love Always


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