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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Update:Jiah Khan’s mother releases Bollywood star’s suicide note

I hope you guys remember my update about Jiah Khan,well her mother released a six-page suicide letter,
written in Khan’s handwriting, which details the despair that had held the actress in its grip. The 25-year-old actress hanged herself in her Mumbai apartment.

Bollywood star Jiah Khan, who killed herself last week, says in her suicide note she had been raped and abused and had aborted a baby. In the letter, Khan says she felt “broken” and “dead inside.”

She wrote: “I don’t know how to say this to you but I might as well now as I have nothing to lose. I’ve already lost everything. If you’re reading this I might have already left or about to leave. I am broken inside…. “I leave this place with nothing but broken dreams and empty promises. All I want now is to go to sleep and never wake up again. I am nothing. I had everything.”

Khan’s mother, Rabiya, said she released the harrowing letter so fans would know “the truth” behind the “tragedy.” The letter has been turned over to police investigating the star’s death.

Keep refreshing for an update of the full suicide letter.

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