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Saturday, 1 June 2013


Hello guys,

A friend sent this amazing poem to me,and i want you guys to read it and share your thoughts with me.



Dreams are often seen as illusions
Until they are experienced
Aspirations often end as expressions
But never come to reality

As a child the picture seems vague
But with each germinating seed
The dark cloud gradually fades away
Paving way for the sunny day

With an architect comes a perfect structure
Defying all human imperfections
With the right paraphernalia
Comes a perfect creature

Facing everyday as it comes
Poses different challenges
But with just one breathe
Challenges are turned to choices

Choices are part of the human world
They are inexcusable
With every blink of an eye
Comes a choice

Toiled the soil as a lost soldier
Searching for the lost treasure
With each passing moment
My thirst remains unquenched

My heart is at peace
My thirst had been quenched
With just a breathe
I made my choice

Truly this is a rare gift
A gift of love
From the master himself
For the gladness of my heart

Credits to Adekunle Damilola
Damilola is a freelance writer and a good friend

Love Always


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