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Friday, 19 July 2013

Ask Sue: Blogger's Experience

I have been off and on for the past two weeks due to one simple but difficult reason- lack of inspiration.

I have looked everywhere,I have searched everywhere,I have tried writing,I have even tried reading a book,and no I dint lose anyone(a lover,a friend),I had an amazing time last weekend and yes I love what I do,hell no,no criticism can get to me,because I believe I was born to motivate and counsel people.

But I think at some point,we all lose our focus,and trying to get it back becomes a big problem.-yeah that is it,I kinda lost my focus somewhere.

Maybe I need to get one of joel osteen's(my mentors) new book,or pray to God for inspiration,or rest more,*whew* I don't even know what to do. I don't want to sound confused or tired,no I am not tired. Or all I need is for a reader to send me an issue he/she is going through and maybe I will publish both the question and my response and make the issue the theme for the week.

Let me ask you guys a big question,
when you lose your focus how do you get it back?

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Love Always

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