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Saturday, 1 June 2013


Hello guys

This is a rundown on some of the things I like and i also want you guys to check it out

Rainbow remix by 2face and T-pain
This is the best remix I have heard this year,it is so brilliant and you can feel the passion and connection and fun both of them had...*whew*

So I got this book awhile ago and trust me its a book you all would want to read,it is highly motivating and it would make you realize that you have got more in you,its a book by my mentor Dr Myles Munroe...
"Understanding your potential"
You can get it from any book store near you.

This is to my readers and friends,if you have any thing interesting ,inspiring and motivating,or you have issues you need help with,or you want me to counsel you,why not send them to me and you won't regret it
send to susanodunayo@gmail.com

Oh,I love listening to my radio,oh yes I do,and I have got some really lovely and interesting programmes I listen to...
Listen to auntlanda on inspiration fm 92.3 every saturday 1pm-2pm

Listen to sharing life's issues with chazB on Rhythm fm 93.7 every day of the week from 6;15pm-7pm

Listen to uchecancook with bella rose and uche on inspiration fm 92.3 every saturday from 10pm-11pm

I want to say a big thank you to those who took there time to read my blog,to those who even send me messages and tell me I am doing a good job,and to those who even sent me pictures and those who also want me to feature them and their business on here..

I say thank you,and I hope to get better and I sincerely need your support,cause without you there will be no ladysusanneblog.

I love you guys so much
And please as you read don't forget to comment and even click on your reactions,cause this would go a long way....

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Have a lovely weekend!!

Love Always


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