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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Ways To Establish Trust In Your Relationships - Sue Pillow Talk.

Trust is the most essential part in dating and relationship. A relationship without trust does not make any sense. The word ‘trust’ is spoken and mentioned so many times but not many people actually know its meaning and importance in establishing trust in relationships and dating.

For example; you are always checking your partner’s emails and phone history and wanting to know who they are communicating with or you play detective and want to know everything
your partner is doing or you doubt your partner and don’t really believe in
them,and with all these you claim to trust your partner.

Mistrust can be caused by loads of factors:
--- being cheated on In the past
--- having a low self esteem and feeling insecure
--- loss of trust in the current relationship

I will explain some steps you can establish trust in your relationship,and you shoulkd know that trusting someone doesn't happen over-night,its a gradual process


Be Consistent:
To establishing trust in dating you need to know how consistent you are in your relationship. Carefully analyse whether you can count on each other when you are reliable on a daily basis, you will be
successful in building a relationship that is based on trust.

Communicate Always:
Are you capable of delivering your messages to your partner well? Is your body language in sync with what you say? You need to pay special focus to what you say and how you look when being with your partner.

Believing In Your Partner and Yourself:
The key to establish trust in relationships is to start believing in yourself and your partner. You must indulge in an honest and gentle discussion with your partner about any problems, insecurities and misunderstandings.

Complete Honesty:
For this you need to learn and practice how to remain truthful to your partner. Keeping secrets is a strict no-no(pls take-note). Secrets mean you require maintaining them and there is no way to maintain secrets than telling lies. These rules out the possibility of building trust on a relationship.

Learn To Say No:
We all tend to please others,but this can result in spoilt relationships. Saying ‘yes’ when you actually mean ‘no’ can spoil the relationship. Learn to say no when you actually want to,this will also win you a lot of respect from your partner, and help in establishing trust in relationships

Love Always


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