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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Power of Persistence; Thomas Alva Edison. -Sue Inspires

He was born in 1847 in Ohio,hearing impaired and considered slow to learn,his teachers thought he was retarded,his mother pulled him out of school and decided to home school him

By 19,edison was working for western union,where he spent time reading and experimenting (he was later fired when the battery acid he used for one of his experiments destroyed his boss desk).

He relocated to New jersey and continued working long hours trying to fight out how to make something work.
Although many inventions took months or even years to perfect, he remained focused and committed. He believed in trial-and -error.

Never giving up looking for another solution to every problem. One of his first breakthroughs came when he succeeded in discovering how to record sound and eventually invented the phonograph. This led to some early recognition and prosperity followed. He expanded his business,hired more employees,and next searched for a way to harness electricity.

Although edison did not actually invent the light bulb,he was the first to create a commercially practical and lasting product-a bulb that could burn for hundred and ultimately thousands if hours. It look him over 1000 attempts to find a filament that would last long enough,but he finally discovered the proper solution.

With the advancement of his product,he sold the concept to homes and businesses and integrated a system for the distribution of electricity. Edison was a prolific thinker with practical far reaching ideas and visition for the future. He applied the principles of mass production and employed teams of inventors to work on his concepts.

After another unsuccessful attempts to create a storage battery,he said. we know 8000 things that don't work,
Edison eventually established 14 comanies,one of them genenral electric and filled 1093 patents for inventions.

He is considered one of the most polific inventors and problem solvers,who once stated. "I never failed once it happens to be a 2000 step process".

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