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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

No Excuses, Just Solutions-Sue Motivates

Excuses as we all know tend to compromise life and keep us from accomplishing our true potential. Although problems will always occur,this is a good thing; for in each one there is a solution and a chance to learn,an area of discovery ,and a challenge to grow.

While some difficulties may be large or complicated ,the same formula applies,learn to solve them and work through them. Find an advantage in each one,learn to grow and never deviate from your objectives. Perhaps a benefit learned is what not to do in the future,or you discover a different approach

Think creatively and pull on resources you never knew you had,just never put things off,for the best solution is direct action.

Sometimes the best solutions may not be the right ones,but by acting swiftly you have time to adjust and try something different. Remember that the most important thing to do in solving a problem is to begin.

If you are unhappy at work start to look for a new options. If you are unhappy at work,start to look for a new career, perhaps you want to start your own business or develop a product you invented, maybe you have a great idea for a novel or a book,but you keep putting it off. Sit down ,form an outline and start writing. If you want to be in better shape,get up earlier and start running,or go to a gym after work.

The only way to make any of these happen is to do them. Spend time thinking about it,put together a plan get others involved,find a friend to share the experience and get to work.

We must stop making excuses and begin to solve the problem by not being the problem.

Love Always


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