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Saturday, 1 June 2013


Hello guys!

This is an inspirational story about Mary Kay Ash,the owner of Mary kay Cosmetics.



Chances are,anytime you see a cadillac in a certain shade of pink,you know what it means,the owner is a tremendously effective salesperson for mary kay cosmetics. In 1963,the mary kay company had eleven salesperson,in 2007,it had more than 1.7million sales representatives,called "independent beauty consultants" in more than 30 countries around the world.

What was the secret behind such phenomenal growth? A woman who never gave up. Mary Kay Ash

She was born in 1918,in Hot Wells, Texas, by the time mary kay was six years old she had the great responsibility of caring for a seriously ill relative while her mother worked,often more than 14hours per day,to provide for the family. Anytime mary kay faced a new challenging situation,her mother told her 'you can do it', because of her mothers encouragement,she grew up felling empowered,confident and truly able to do anything

As a young girl,mary kay wanted to grow up and become a doctor,in 1938 while studying to purse that dream,she took a part time job selling household goods for stanley home products,and quickly realised she was extremely talented as a sales person. She soon chose business over medicine because she enjoyed such amazing success in sales.

Several years later ash went to work for a gift company,where she eventually became national training director after 25years as an outstanding employee,in the area of direct sales. Ash resigned from the company because a man she had trained was promoted over her and received double the salary she was making

But mary kay kept going,she realised she was not the only woman being treated unfairly in corporate environments, so she decided to write a book to help other women enjoy the opportunities that were not available to her.

As she penned her thoughts,she realised she was not only offering women advice ,she was writing the strategy and philosophy of a new company. She once said.

"I envisioned a company in which any woman could become just as successful as she wanted to be. The doors would be wide open to opportunities for women who were willing to pay the price and had the courage to dream"

By 1963 she had a wealth of sales experience,a plan 5000 dollars,and 22 year old son to help her start her new business called. "Beauty by Mary Kay".

According to the company website,
"it was the first-a company dedicated to making life more beautiful for women,it was founded not on the competitive rule but on the Golden rule-on praising people to success-and on the principle of placing faith first,family second,and career third"
mary kay often called it 'a company with heart'

As a woman ,mary kay had to struggle to achieve her full potential in the business world. Because she refused to give up,she was ale to start an enormously successful company that would empower other women to do great things,

I want to encourage you with a statement this innovative and determined business woman once made "with your priorities in order,press on and never look back"

Love Always


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