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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

When You Drink Of The Water Of Pre Marital Sex, You Will Definitely Drink Of The Water Of Adultery After Marriage Because Only The Water Of God And His Precepts Can Sustain And Make You Faithful To That Partner Of Yours Even In Marriage---Sue Pillow Talk

In a class without much disparity, filled with mostly unmarried people, some topics never made it to limelight but in a postgraduate class of both second and third degree students, we always had a field day discussing some mundane issues.

As we all commented on a picture on one of the popular social networks (facebook) about different church doctrines about the concept of marriage, it did not take too much time for the issue of pre marital sex to take all over. Weddings get cancelled on that particular morning if the pastor finds out that they have eaten the fruit said one tall lanky girl.

This only sparked up a dark, chubby
married man to cite his own life as a case study; the pastor asked if we
had any sexual relationship and I told him ever since inception, they dare not call off my wedding. The discussion got heightened as the girl kept arguing for a sex-free pre marital relationship, the chubby man insisted on his reasons for pre marital knowledge of each other.

Among which were the physiological nature of the human body especially for a man, the need to explore ones
youthfulness but one striking reason that caught my attention and inspired
this piece was the need for pre marital sex for the sustainability of the future marriage. How would I know her sexual capabilities if I don’t sample her before marriage?

This is one of the reasons for
most unsuccessful marriages in our society; he argued. He further pointed out that among other qualities, your spouse’s sexual capabilities is something extremely worth watching out for as it is an indispensable component of marriage that cannot be substituted for wealth, food, riches and other physical luxuries.
....To be Continued.

Written by:
Akinse Aanu Gladys is an acknowledged daughter of God, a young graduate of Geology from the Federal University of Akure, Ondo State. A passionate and prolific writer, an actress and poet, she communicates her messages through articles, short communications and periodic bulletins. She is the founder of Eagles Club, an inter-denominational group in FUTA. She is currently pursuing her second degree in environmental management and toxicology at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta,Ogun State. She lives in Abeokuta.
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