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Monday, 27 May 2013

Dear Diary.

At 6:30pm
While I literally roasted at home sleeping and pinging,my mum was out having *massive*fun *sigh*..so she got back around 6'o clock,and told me this amazing story(well I though it was amazing cause I was bored)...

Mum's story
Sue you won't believe what happened today at this wedding(let's call the groom Mr V,let's call the bride Miss Y),yh today was their wedding and it dint go well at all...mum got there early for the church wedding and she said everything was moving fine and sweet and everyone was looking fabulous but the whole wedding saga dint start until after the church wedding,when the bride and groom are supposed to pose for wedding pictures with their family and friends...
*useless-man*husband-snatcher*ole*thief*..ahhh..(At this point I was already jumping and asking questions)...but my mum dint even answer me....*God go punish u*olee*...the lady shouting(let's call her Miss Q) was...wait for this.... MR V's wife and she stays in lagos,apparently she had already informed the pastor about Mr V's kids and herself,and told the pastor she was still married to this man,well the pastor dint believe and the sharp madame came on the wedding day and scattered the whole thing...and you won't believe what happened,the wedding reception dint hold again....because...*whew*...pls I am tired of writing,let me keep this one to myself

At 12:30pm
So I saw this massive rat in my room ohh,you won't believe what the stupid rat did to me *sobs*..the rat ate my noodles.....so I dint eat to church this morning,but I got this noddles that I was going to sharply cook when I got home...but the useless rat beat me to it.....

Random Thoughts
Oh guess what I woke up before mum today and I dint even let her scream my name,I opened the door immediately I heard foot-steps and the look on her face...*classic*...lol
So we are going to be having an early dinner today..*whoop*whoop* going to have enough time to watch my latest series "Men in trees". Yh and I have to do my laundry tomorrow

Time Out
I need to rest,love uuuuuu

Love Always


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