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Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Tuesday 28th

I need some sort of inspiration,I dint go jogging today again,maybe I should just get jump-ropes,or a dumb-bell....I think with that even if I don't wanna jog,I can still do some normal exercise..

*whoop*i can't wait for that draw and I can't wait to win loads of stuffs...

To do list
Well I don't have much to do today,maybe when I leave the venue for the draw I will see my sis at school..

Random thoughts.
If you think planning a wedding is a big deal,then you haven't thought about the introduction part,so my mum was asked to buy all the plenty things that we will be taking to aunty B's place(uncle jacob's bride to be)...and you should have seen the list...*whew*...well I will have to accompany mum to the market to get them

Time out
Hoping to have fun at the draw and with mumc today...

Love Always


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