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Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Monday 27th

At 6:30am
Ahhh,I woke up late today and mum shouted my name as usual ohhh..sue! Sue!! Suesue!!...she yelled again from the corridor and I was so angry...*whew* but the funny thing is that she wakes me up for no reason...I think she does it

Random thoughts
So I have like 2 functions to attend on wednesday,my uncle jacob's will be doing his introduction tomorrow,and there is this seminar my church is holding for youths,and I think its going to be fun..*.hummm*

To do list
So I got this message from this supermarket that I shop(justrite)and guess what I was asked to come for their promo at their main store,so I will be attending that tomorrow,and I hope I win some things for myself maybe a generator or that lovely car..*hummm*......*whoop* I can't wait,besides I have 2 tickets...*whoop*whoop*

Random thoughts
I didn't jog today because I woke up late and yes I needed to take a day off,ahhh...after running for minutes,I can't kill myself jare......anyways I shall resume my normal exercise routine tomorrow...

Dear diary...I love u...

Love Always


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