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Tuesday, 4 June 2013



"Life is either a darling adventure or nothing"---Helen keller

An attitude is simply a learned behavior in responding to people or situations,something we have trained our minds to think. Negative patterns can be broken,however and destructive assumptions can be realigned to positive associations.

Research on behavioural and cognitive science shows that those with positive attitudes can achieve more in a day,live longer and obtain more successful lives than those without it.

The brain sometimes work against us so we have to reprogram it.
Our attitude whether positive or negative will strongly influence the outcome in any situation.

In life,attitude is everything.
What we believe and how we perceive things will determine our future. Our behaviour and focus will dictate the outcome of our day and what we achiever in a lifetime.

Charles Swindoll wrote,"I am convinced that life is 10percent what happens to me,and 90percent how I react to it" our perception and how we react to people,difficulties,and problems is crucial to success and achieving our desired outcome.

Attitude drives behaviour that drives the direction of our lives. If we want things to change positively on the outside,we must first change on the inside. William james wrote,"The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings,by changing the inner attitudes of their minds,can change the outer aspects of their lives"

Obstacles can distract us,anfd frustration leads only to defeat. Instead of being the victims of events,we can literally dictate to them. Regardless of circumstances, never fall into trap of getting angry or losing site of what is important.

There is nothing more exhilarating than meeting someone with an attitude to wim. Whether it is in sports or business,those who succeed believe they can.

If you believe something is impossible you are right,but if you believe something is possible that anything is achieveable then you have started on the path to accomplish it.
Knoe that your determination and attitude is stronger than anything that can happen to you

Love Always


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