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Friday, 31 May 2013

Dear Diary

So I made this amazing jollof-rice of life for uncle jacob's introduction and I wasn't surprised when his friends kept asking for the special secret to my very delicious jollof-rice of life,I almost dished out my secret,but I told them to just chill and they should watch out for this space that something big was going to happen soon...and yh IT IS HERE...

Super Excited!!

I am so excited the chef that I have always admired (yh I got my jollof-rice of life recipe from him) accepted my request to feature some of his classical cooking techniques and methods.

And yes I am talking about Chef Uche,who is popularly known for his *jollof-rice of life"*yummmm*...


The uchecancook brand has been in the forefront of the silent culinary revolution in Nigeria, chef uche our very own has been involved in training of several top chefs who today are either top restaurateurs or are head chef at 5-star restaurants, he also consults for restaurant start-ups and management, hotel and restaurant menu arrangement, signature recipe creation, implementing food crafting methods and creating promotional campaigns for culinary facilities

Every weekend I will be featuring at least one of his methods and recipes and how to cook healthy, I hope you all can learn from him

If you want to hear him talk,you can always tune in to inspiration fm 92.3 every saturday morning and trust me you won't regret it...

Let's get this cooking started..*whoop*whoop*
You know I always bring you the best!!

Love Always


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