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Thursday, 6 June 2013



The word depressed is a common everyday word. People might say "I'm depressed" when in fact they mean "I'm fed up because I've had a row, or failed an exam, or lost my job", etc. These ups and downs of life are common and normal. Most people recover quite quickly. With true depression, you have a low mood and other symptoms each day for at least two weeks. Symptoms can also become severe enough to interfere with normal day-to-day activities.

Many people know when they are depressed. However, some people do not realise when they are depressed. They may know that they are not
right and are not functioning well, but don't know why. Some people think that they have a physical illness - for example, if they lose weight.
There is a set of symptoms that are associated with depression and help to clarify the diagnosis.


---Persistent sadness or low mood.
---Disturbed sleep compared with your usual pattern.
---Change in appetite.
---Fatigue (tiredness) or loss of energy.
---Agitation or slowing of movements.
---Poor concentration or indecisiveness.
---Feelings of worthlessness, or excessive or inappropriate guilt.
---Recurrent thoughts of death. This is not usually a fear of death, more a preoccupation with death and dying. For some people despairing thoughts such as "life's not worth living" or "I don't care if I don't wake up" are common. Sometimes these thoughts progress into thoughts and even plans for suicide. This bring me to SUICIDE.

The one question everyone has asked without exception, that they ache to have answered more than any other, is simply, WHY?

Why did their friend, child, parent, spouse, or sibling or that celebrity take their own life? Even when a note explaining the reasons is found, lingering questions usually remain: yes, they felt enough despair to want to die, but why did they feel that? A person’s suicide often takes the people it leaves behind by surprise. People who’ve survived suicide attempts have reported wanting not so much to die as to stop living, If some in-between state existed, some other alternative to death, I suspect many suicidal people would take it.

I did a little research,and I found out that people commit suicide because of some reasons,which are listed below:

They’re depressed. This is without
question the most common reason people commit suicide. Severe depression is always accompanied by a pervasive sense of suffering as well as the belief that escape from it is hopeless. The pain of existence often becomes too much for severely depressed people to bear. The state of depression warps their thinking, allowing ideas like “Everyone would all be better off without me” to make rational sense.

They’re impulsive. Often related to
drugs and alcohol, some people become weakly emotional and impulsively attempt to end their own lives. Once sobered and calmed, these people usually feel ashamed. The remorse is usually genuine, and whether or not they’ll ever attempt suicide again is unpredictable. They may try it again the very next time they become drunk or high, or never again in their lifetime. .

They’re crying out for help, and don’t know how else to get it. These people don’t usually want to die but do want to alert those around them that something is seriously wrong. They often don’t believe they will die, frequently choosing methods they don’t think can kill them in order to strike out at someone who’s hurt them—but are sometimes tragically misinformed.

They have a philosophical desire to
die. The decision to commit suicide for some is based on a reasoned decision often motivated by the presence of a painful terminal illness from which little to no hope of reprieve exists. These people aren’t depressed, psychotic, or crying out for help. They’re trying to take control of their destiny and alleviate their own suffering, which usually can only be done in death. They often look at their choice to commit suicide as a way to shorten a dying that will happen regardless.

To be continued...

Love Always


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