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Thursday, 6 June 2013



According to www.patient.co.uk, over the past 60 years, the overall rate of suicide among adolescents has tripled making it the third leading cause of death among 15-to-25-year-olds and the second leading cause of death among college students.

It’s important for parents, teachers and counsellors to become familiar with the facts about teens and young adults, especially when it comes to depression and suicide. When teens’ moods disrupt their ability to function on a day-to day basis, it may indicate a serious emotional or mental disorder that needs attention

Sometimes peopke feel so depressed that they consider ending their lives.Studies show that suicide attempts among young people may be based on long standing problems triggered by a specific event.

Suicidal adolescents may view a temporary situation as a permanent condition. Feelings of anger and resentment combined with exaggerated guilt can lead to impulsive, self-destructive acts.


Pay attention to these warning signs:
• Suicide threats, direct and indirect
• Obsession with death
• Poems, essays and drawings that refer to death
• Dramatic change in personality or appearance
• Irrational, bizarre behavior
• Overwhelming sense of guilt, shame or reflection
• Changed eating or sleeping patterns
• Severe drop in school performance
• Giving away belongings

What To Do If You Think Someone Is Suicidal

--Trust your instincts that the person may be in trouble.
--Talk with the person about your concerns.
--Ask direct questions without being judgmental.
--Determine if the person has a specific plan to carry out the suicide. The more detailed the plan, the greater the risk.
--Get professional help, even if the person resists.
--Do not leave the person alone.
--Do not swear to secrecy.
--Do not counsel the person yourself.
--Pay attention to talk about suicide.
--Alert key adults in the teen’s life family, friends and teacher.

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