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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Chef Uchecancook; How To Make Rice- Weekend Special.

Rice is, for many people, a terrifying experience but it need not be as it is actually very simple. This recipe gives perfect fluffy rice every time.

I prefer to use Basmati rice which is a long grained white rice from India.
This recipe presumes you are using long grained white rice – it will not
work with other. This quantity will serve 3-4 people.

In a moderately large pot put some vegetable oil and turn on the head to
medium. When the oil is hot, add a finely diced half an onion (you can omit the onion but not the oil). Cook until it has softened.

Take a regular coffee mug and fill it to the top with rice. Pour it into the hot onions and stir so the rice is well coated.

Fill the mug with hot water and add it to the rice – then fill the mug again and add the second cup to the rice (rice in this method is always cooked with a ratio of 1 cup of rice to two cups of water).

Add plenty of salt. If you like a nice variation you can add half a cinnamon stick to the water at this time.

Let the rice come back to the boil and put the lid on the pot. Turn the heat down to its lowest setting and set a timer for 15 minutes.

Do not remove the lid at all during
the cooking time. After fifteen minutes, lift the lid and, using a fork, push the rice away from the side of the pot whilst tilting the pot toward you – if there is any liquid left in the pot return the
lid and cook for another minute, checking every minute in the same
way as just described.

When the pot has no remaining liquid, remove it from the heat, remove the
lid, and cover with a cloth for 4-5 minutes.

That is it!

Love Always


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