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Monday, 17 June 2013

Cheap Home-Made Facials;Cucumber Mask- Sue Quick Tip

The oats and cucumber mask for acne is great to fight pimples because it is the combination of astringent and exfoliant so this mask is really perfect to nourish the skin, but also to clean it well and avoid the appearance of pimples. It is a perfect astringent and at the same time helping those who have oily skin. For this reason, you should try this cucumber facial mask if you have acne problems.

What you need:
1. Half of cucumber
2. Two tablespoons of oat
3. The juice of half of lemon
4. One tablespoon of honey

Cut cucumber into pieces and blend.
Add oat , the juice of half a lemon and honey.
Blend until ingredients are integrated with each other.
Apply in areas most affected by acne.
Massage gently to exfoliate and then
leave for 15 -20 minutes before removing the mask with cold water.

It also helps to eliminate the layers of dead skin cells. Moreover, it is perfect to nourish and soften the skin, two of the fundamental characteristics of honey and oats. We must, however, be careful not to use it before sun exposure, given the presence of the lemon. The contact between sun light and treated skin from the lemon can cause spots on the skin. Therefore, it is best to use it at night.
P.s guys should also try this.

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