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Thursday, 20 June 2013

4 Fashion tricks to look taller-Sue Fashion.

We all know there are certain things that simply can’t be changed—as much as we might want to. One great example: height, which can
sometimes feel like a serious hindrance to your style—especially for the short ones, who often say that a certain style star’s look would “only look good on someone tall.”

I have comes up with a way for petite/short folks to add a few extra inches, your best bet is to rely on a few clever fashion tips and tricks to fake those extra inches.

Below are 4 ways to instantly look taller using nothing but what you’ve got in your closet.

1.A neatly-cut maxi skirt or dress with a fitted top and heels will give you the tall appearance you need.
2. Stick with skinny belts,it will define your natural waist and it is really flattering unlike the big belts that cuts you in half and make you look shorter

3. Opt for pointy shoes because they tend to lengthen your leg line

4. Say yes to high waist bottoms(skirts,shorts,trousers),they make you look taller,and elongate your lower body

Love Always


  1. Where my short/petite ladies at??
    What do you guys think about my tips,cool??
    If you have more to share,pls do so,I also love to learn

    Let's discuss

  2. well am not a short petite..but a tall petite..but des tips will sure mke me look taller lke Victoria secret model!! I rily admire d height of those model..nice1 gal

  3. sue pls can u remove d security code u put on ur site ...it realy make it diffcult to comment

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