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Friday, 28 June 2013

5 Ways To Rock A Bandage Dress- Sue Fashion Tips

I see ladies making little fashion mistakes when it comes to the almighty bandage dress,the main issue is that they tend to over-dress it or under-dress it,some don't even know the color that suits their skin tone.

Well that's what I am here for,here are 5 simple ways you can rock that flattering bandage dress any day and time without over or under-dressing it.


Step 1: Your Skin Tone Matters

If you are not fair skinned do not pick a dull color like brown,go for a lighter shade but not too flashy like red, which will bring out your skin tone more.
If you are fair skinned,then you are good to go,any color suits the fair skinned.

Step 2: Your Size Matters

If you have big thighs and buttocks then the short bandage dress is a no-no,go for the longer one,you will look smart and still look flattering.
If you are thin and in shape then you can rock the short bandage dress,which will give you more curves for days.
If you really want to rock a bandage dress,you can lose a few pounds,or wear a spanx underneath the dress.

Step 3: Watch Those Accessories

Be sure to personalize those accessories , remember that the bandage dress is an attention seeker,you don't want to wear too much accessories by shifting the attention from your dress to the accessories.

Step 4:Neutralize Those Shoes

A bandage dress should be wore with a neutral colored shoe,you shouldn't wear colourful shoes,so you won't look too over-dressed.

Step 5: Your Carriage Matters

Yes yes,this should have been number one,but seriously speaking,when you wear a bandage dress you should have a little attitude,yeah I said it,you should not over do it though. You should walk like a model,stand straight and sexy and don't forget to smile.

P.s keep refreshing this page for more sue fashion tips.

Love Always




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