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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Blogger Experience-Ask Sue:inspirational story

I walked into a cyber-cafe(the one I use)greeted the familiar faces then went ahead to purchase my ticket for 2 hours.

I settled down and started surfing the web when some students came in with their teacher for computer practical, the students got their tickets and the practical started,I wasn't bothered about the noise because I had my ear-piece on.

After a while,a man walked in,he was looking clean,fine and fresh in his ankara,he carried this big school bag which contained his laptop and some personal documents,anyways he also settled down to browse but had issues with his ticket,so the computer engineer attended to him.

All was going well,the cafe was still noisy untill the computer teacher decided to carry out a personal assignment. Apparently before he started with the practical, He had removed his laptop(a white Hp) and a hard drive and placed it on a table and continued with his students.

So,this teacher decided to do a personal assignment and noticed his laptop and hard drive were gone..Gone to where?...he called my attention to it and we all started searching,we all searched under the tables,inside my own laptop bag(yh you know laptops can fly lol) and we searched everywhere,untill someone from outside said he saw a man carry a white laptop and a hard drive and he thought it was for the man.

Oh yes you guessed right,it was my mr clean,mr fine man that stole the laptop and the drive..how cruel?

He had issues with his ticket,he left without even saying bye to everyone,he didn't even make a sound while stealing the laptop and drive (did I hear you say he is smart)

So this brings me to my Ask Sue Question..

Why do people steal?
How do thieves feel after they have stolen another persons stuff?

Let's discuss...

Love Always


1 comment:

  1. Hello guys
    I hope you loved it
    So,back to the question..why do people steal

    I don't have all the answers,that's why I made this one open...
    Let's discuss...



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