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Wednesday, 29 May 2013



It’s only three days into seaz 8 dramatically dubbed ‘The Chase’, to be quite fair, it has brought some
entertainment to the telly thus far and Yesh! we are impressed!
Now that we have two houses; the Diamond and Ruby, the Chasers are surely going to bring more drama and entertainment. While some Chasers have already gotten out of the
shells and their real characters have started to show, others are still trying to acquaint themselves with their new surroundings and hopefully this
doesn’t take them ages because the viewers are interested in entertainment and not excuses.

There are some Chasers who have stood out thus far (in my opinion), the likes of Nigeria’s Beverly who’s also the HOH for the Rubies, she’s been active though it’s funny when she reports to the DR
and prefers to keep standing until Biggie ‘officially’ asks her to use the DR seat. Bolt from Sierra Leone has also impressed in a way especially when with the ladies, he seems to have a soft spot for beautiful Betty from Ethiopia. Angelo from SA has not been the out spoken dude, however, he’s been a
busy bee when it comes to chores, debates and sharing ideas. Uganda’s Denzel seems to have finally let out a lot thanks to alcohol, his DR session
yesterday was off the hook, Biggie couldn’t help but have a good time with the ‘massage king’.

The likes of Sulu, Natasha, Feza among others have also been interesting lately and hopefully more will be revealed as soon as possible.

Note: This is not some sort of campaign for any of the Chasers, however, it is what it is, the fact still remains that we all can differentiate between who’s
entertaining and who’s not when it come to our 28 Chasers (so far). I know we are just 3 days into the show, thus it’s still TOO early to judge who’s
entertainment and who’s not, for that reason, let’s give them a little time.

With time the rest of them especially those who have already been written off by some fans will definitely get out of their shells.

Over to you, who’s been the most entertaining Chaser thus far?

Love Always


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