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Thursday, 23 May 2013



In today's bible reading,we read of how joshua the high priest,who was both a representative of God and a divine champion,was standing before an angel,putting on filthy garments . You would notice that Gods attention was focused on the dressing of His priest, some people tell us today that since the inward appearance is more important to God,we should play down the outward appearance. The truth is they are both important before God, if you are gods representative,he is more interested in your inner beauty as well as your outward dressing .

God wants to know whether your physical clothes are clean or dirty. If you are christian but you are dirty you need re orientation and renewal of your mind, some sisters leave their hair unkempt and unwashed untill it begins to breed lice. Some brothers will wear the same boxers for one or two weeks, some people do not have their bath or brush their teeth in the name of fasting. No wonder whenever they are doing a private fast the whole world knows.

What is keeping God and his favour away from some of his children is not sin but dirt.


Depart ye,depart ye,go ye out from thence,touch no unclean thing go ye out of the midst of her,be ye clean,that bear the vessels of the lord.(Isaiah 52:11)

Key point:

All-round,cleanliness is required to relate with God as his representative.

Love Always


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