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Wednesday, 29 May 2013



Hello guys,hope we all had a wonderful day.
Yes,I am back with my "Did you know facts" and you know its my job to feed you with fabulous stories/facts and its your job to read and have fun *whoop*

So today we are talking about 10 exercise facts*drum-roll*


DId you know that......,

1 Exercises, such as a brisk walk, running or cycling for about 30 minutes, boosts the amount of oxygen
consumed in the body which in turn will improve blood circulation and cell growth which keeps you young. Improving your aerobic capacity by just 10 to 25 percent would be like cutting 10 to 20 years off your age. Aerobic exercise also stimulates the growth of new brain cells in older adults.

2 Moderate workouts temporarily improve the Immune system by increasing the capacity of immune cells. This may be the reason why people
who exercise regularly tend to have fewer colds and infections.

3 Exercise raises good HDL cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. New research also shows that it reduces arterial inflammation, which is a risk factor for heart attacks and strokes – thereby preventing them.

4 New evidence shows that upper-body and breathing exercises can reduce the need to use an inhaler for those with mild cases of asthma.

5 Exercise helps to control blood-sugar level by increasing the cells’ sensitivity to insulin and controlling weight. Going on a brisk walk for 30 minutes regularly would greatly reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

6 The body needs movement to aid digestion and assimilation. This in turn would greatly reduce the risk of colon cancer by speeding waste through the
body and lowering insulin levels. It may also protect against breast and prostate cancer by regulating hormone levels.

7 When tense or stressed out, instead of reaching for alcohol or sweet, comfort foods, try to exercise first. Regular exercise, especially aerobic exercise,
reduces the levels of stress hormones, increases serotonin activity in the brain which improves mood and relieves tension. Exercise is nature’s antidepressant because for many people, it helps relieve depression effectively.

8 Walking or practicing yoga improves mood and helps reduce some menopausal symptoms like hot
flashes and night sweats for women.

9 For men, practicing some pelvic exercises will help prevent erectile dysfunction and possibly benign prostate enlargement, a common cause of urinary problems.

10 Studies have consistently shown that being active cuts the risk of premature death by about 50 percent for men and women.

So here’s what I’m suggesting – start gradually. Eat healthy foods and find an exercise you enjoy and which fits into your schedule. You can start by going
for a walk – this would ground you, increase your oxygen levels and improve digestion – a little goes
a very long way.

Take the time to research different types of sports or exercise you might be interested in and have fun trying them out, until you finally decide what exercise or sport you like. Getting fit
and healthy should be a joy and not a pain.

Consider what time of the day would be best for you to exercise. When you are fit and healthy, you enjoy life in abundance the way it should be.

Love Always


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