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Monday, 27 May 2013



This is what bbaafrica.tv (blog) is reporting.......


The Big Brother Africa eighth edition ‘The Chase’ marks day one, twenty eight house mates were yesterday unveiled to viewers from over 45 countries a cross Africa and by now you know your country’s representative.
The house mates were housed in two different houses dubbed the Diamond and the Ruby house, so this season we shall have the Diamonds and the
Rubies just like last season’s Upvillers and Downvillers.

Re-known host of the show, IK returned to the house for another 91 days of the Chase game, therefore quashing all the speculations suggesting he would
not be hosting the show this season.

Those of you who watched the opening show will agree with me that Ik is geared to making every thing look
different this time round, the way he made his way on stage on a big ride was indeed stylish and we might see him on different rides every Sunday.
There was no time to waste as Biggie handed house mates their very first fire task that kept them awake all night, this was an opportunity for the
housemates to bond and it is also a foot in the door tactic to prepare housemates for future tasks.

Just as it was promised earlier when the show was announced in January, Big Brother Africa ‘The Chase’ will have a number of twist and i love the fact that this will be happening soon , certainly it was announced yesterday that housemates will be switching from
one house to the other and what is more interesting Is that, the head of house decides who switches from the Diamond house to the Ruby house.

The switching of housemates from one house to another will take place every Friday, among other twist, IK also announced of warnings and automatic
disqualification of housemates who earn several warnings from Biggie for failing to play by the rules. Besides the saving and switching of nominated
housemates is likely to be different as the power is to be vested on the housemates.

However some of the housemates might start their first day on a bad note as they might find themselves on the chopping block, as day one of the Chase will also have nominations in the list of their day’s activities.

Lastly you can clearly observe that housemates of different ages, experience and passion grace this
season’s big brother the chase.

Do you therefore feel that the chase will be more interesting than the previous shows.

Personally, i think we should just see how it goes.....

Love Always


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