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Friday, 5 July 2013

Passion (1) - Sue Motivates

In other parts of the world such as the USA,there are rights protecting the youths,especially those that are 18years and above. In such countries when one turns 18, he/she is considered an adult and allowed to make decisions on their one concerning their life .

Now let's direct our attention back to my father's land where an 18year old is regarded as a minor and not allowed the privilege to make decisions on their own.

However, some 18 year olds decide to take a short-route by doing things and hiding them from their parents. The point here is not to justify the difference between the two but to help us guide our thoughts into the topic- Passion.

Passion is an intense emotion that compels us forward,a strong desire and enthusiasm for things we desire, even if it has been lost or compromised, we can get it back and must.

Everyone experiences times where we eventually lose our passion and allow mediocrity to sink in. We allow circumstance, the economy and also people's opinions(most especially our parent's) to dictate for us. We eventually lose the childlike splendour, the exciting creativity for the future hence we compromise.

---To be Continued
Love Always

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