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Saturday, 8 June 2013



The best type of scrambled eggs, in my opinion, is French style – the French style is much more like a sauce than the English style which is usually dry. In the early days of this method, the chef would use a double-boiler to cook the eggs so that the result was like custard.

The method here is faster and has more body. You can use 2-4 eggs per person depending on how hungry people are.
In a large pot put a knob of butter (between 25-40 grams) and turn the heat on low.

While the butter is melting, crack your eggs in to a bowl.

Once the butter has fully melted (it should not be bubbling or the heat is too high) add a large pinch of salt and ground pepper to the eggs and mix with a fork until just combined (don’t overmix the eggs).

Do not add anything else to the eggs at this time. Pour the egg mixture in to the pot and stir constantly.

If the mixture does not seem to be thickening you can turn the heat up just a little. You should soon start to see curds appearing which are the parts of the egg that have cooked. keep mixing at a moderate pace until almost all of the egg has changed to curds.

There should still be a small amount of runny egg left. Take it off the heat immediately. Add another knob of butter and stir until it is melted, then add 3-4 tablespoons of cream (you can use more if you prefer the eggs slightly runnier).

Taste for salt and if needed, add more. You should be able to pour this thick mixture.

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