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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Dress Code: How to Dress For Work-(ladies)-Sue Quick Tip

How to dress for work
You don't want to go to work looking unkempt and scruffy,I bet you want to go to work looking smart,classy and fabulous,you don't have to spend a lot to look fabulous,all you need do is refresh my blog every sunday and monday morning for some quip tips on how to look smart to work (*wink*) Your boss,your colleagues,your clients will notice how smart you are looking ,just don't forget to tell them you got the tips from SUSAN


The heels matters
Not everyone wears heels, some think they are too girly, for others too hard to walk in. You certainly don't need to wear them But! If you're really confused, or feel like you look young,or short and if you don't like them atall, a pair of sensible, comfy (yes, it's relative) low heels is a good shortcut.

That Jacket...
Believe the hype: a decent jacket pulls you together like nothing else. This need not be cheap and it need not be stuffy: As long as it has buttons and it fits across the shoulders it'll look okay.
You don't have to look like a man,as long as it fits,it will look okay.

That hair matters...
You can do pixie,cute bunor ponytail as long as its neat and in place ,it will be okay. Do not go to work with a messy hair,always take an extra hair brush and hair clip to work,just incase. If you are on low-cut,get a haircut you like and keep it up.

More to come,this is my first feature,I hope to get better.
If you need to contribute,send your articles and they will be published and credits will be given accordingly.

Love Always


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