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Monday, 17 June 2013

Staying Passionate About Life-Sue Motivates

Too many people have lost their passion for life,they have lost their enthusiasm, at one point they were excited about their dreams,they got up every day with purpose, and with passion. But now because of the time that's passed,the disappointments they have experienced,and the pressures of life,they are not excited about them anymore. They have lost their fire.

Understanding that most of life is rather routine,anything can become stagnant if we allow it to do so,you can have an exciting job,but it can become boring. Or you can be married to a fine loving ,caring person,but if you don't nourish that relationship and put something into it,over time,it is likely ro get stagnant.

Quit looking at what's wrong in your life and start being grateful for what's right in your life. Your attitude should be: I am not going to live my life defeated and depressed".

"My dreams may have not come to pass yet:I may have some obstacles in my path,but I know God is in control,I know he's got great things in store for me,so I am going to get up each day excited about life"

Enthusiasm is couragious,if you go into your workplace with a smile on your face,full of life,full of joy,full of victory,before long you will rub off on others. That whole place will come up to a higher level,thanks to you.

I need you guys to flow with me here,I will continue this episode on staying passionate about life and all you need do is to keep refreshing this page


Love Always


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