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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Do You Really Understand Your Partner? Here Are Some Guidelines To Help Understand Your Partner Better - Sue Pillow Talk

When you use these guidelines you will understand your partner and you will show your partner that you understand them. Do you know that being on the same page with your partner allows them to ask for what they need and give what is asked. This helps partners meet each other's needs and create a satisfying relationship.

Understanding your partner does not have to become a big deal,if you can stick to my guidelines :

Basic Guidelines To Understanding Your Partner:

1. Put your own agenda, issues, ideas, response, complaints on hold

2. Listen to your partner's words without adding meaning to what they are saying; no mind reading and assumptions allowed

3. Don't listen to agree or disagree, to problem solve, to look for loop-holes,just listen.

4. There is no right or wrong, this is how your partner sees things.

5. Listen to where they are coming from by putting yourself in their shoes, put their mindset in your head and listen from that perspective

6. Wait until your partner is finished expressing their point to show them you heard them

7. Repeat back to your partner what they said as closely as you can without passing judgment just show them you heard what they said

8. Tell them how you understand what they are saying using their mindset and information, remember you are just understanding not agreeing

Last Note:

Guys what are you waiting for,I bet you are tired of your partner telling you about how you don't understand them,why not try these methods. Don't forget to drop your comments.*wink*

Love Always


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