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Thursday, 13 June 2013


I recently read an article on ,and this is what I found out from an expert who talked about models and their new diet plan


It’s no surprise when a new diet plan takes over the modeling world, considering we’ve heard of everything from the Master Cleanse to the Tapeworm diet, but the latest diet fad (or breaking news, rather) among models is just downright disturbing.
When we read that Bria Murphy, Eddie
Murphy’s daughter and aspiring model, revealed that some models have turned to eating cotton balls dipped in orange juice to feel full on virtually zero calories, we were beyond shocked.

There’s incredible pressure on models to be thin, especially during busy times like fashion week, but eating non-food items found in your medicine cabinet and dipping them in juice takes things to an entirely new low.

The 3 scary facts about this diet:

1. There’s absolutely no nutritional value, there’s no fiber, and they’re not taking in any nutrients against calories. They’re really just eating these cotton balls to make themselves feel full for a short period of time, and there’s such a small amount of orange juice soaked into the cotton ball that the juice is really more of a way of making the cotton ball more palatable.

2. They sustain on caffeine and/or other supplements, but they can't sustain very long. Your blood pressure is so low and out of whack when you’re not eating, so they probably eat a few cotton balls and the orange juice spikes their energy, and then they’ll crash. They can’t be eating more than 500-800 calories a day on a diet like this.

3.Side-effect:There’s got to be malnutrition going on, and it’s likely that if they keep a diet like this up, their bodies will go into starvation mode, meaning their metabolism will slow down and their body will process any fat and protein available, which leads to becoming dangerously skinny. Plus, because cotton is not meant to be digested, it could be harmful to their esophagus and intestinal tract. There’s likely to be constipation, which they might be combating with laxatives.

I would absolutely not recommend this to anyone. Whatever happened to eating right and good old exercise!

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