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Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Have you ever wondered how some of our celebrities got their fresh skin and glow from,oh well,i love to share/research,so i decided to share this;

Her name is Eva Alordiah,a rapper , makeup-artist,creative-writer and blogger

SMOOTHER SKIN IN MINUTES:her 4minutes shea butter facial

What you need:
-Natural, raw (unprocessed) Shea butter
-Facial scrub (Preferably one with lots of scrubbing beads)
-Warm water
-Facial mask (Preferably a natural mask of Honey/ Lime/Avocado/Egg white)

Here's what i do:

STEP 1. Apply a generous quantity of Shea butter on your face. The idea is to let it sit on your face, not get absorbed, so you'd need a much larger quantity than the regular application. Massage with your fingers in circular motions, applying pressure in problem areas of your face (spots, blemishes, scars). Let this sit on your face for 5minutes. (You could keep it on for as long as 20minutes if you have the time)

STEP 2. Now over the Shea butter, apply a good quantity of your facial scrub and scrub your face in easy circular motions. If you do not have a facial scrub with lots of beads, Sugar would be a good replacement here. Just take a level spoon of sugar and apply over the Shea butter on your face and scrub.

STEP 3. Do not wash off immediately. Allow to sit for another 2minutes just so the Shea butter and Scrub mixture can penetrate your already open pores.

STEP 4. Now wash off with warm water. This would help open up your pores even more.

STEP 5. This is the perfect time to have your Face Mask work its magic. At this point you have had a good does of vitamin E and moisture from the Shea butter and your pores are ready to accept whatever is given to it. If you do not have a facial mask, the natural route would be best! Apply honey, or lime, or egg white, or avocado to your face and leave on for 5 minutes. These are all natural and work effectively on your skin. For best results, wash off mask with warm water. Now tell me your skin doesn't feel brand new? If you have done this right, you'd notice an instant difference in how your skin feels.

NOTE: Be careful not to scrub your face too often. When you do what i call "over-scrubbing" you'd be doing more harm than good to your skin. Ideally you should scrub only once a week, too much of that and you'd be doing quite the opposite of what you intend and ripping your skin of nutrients that it needs to heal or stay vibrant.

The Shea Butter facial can be done every 2days for a start and then gradually reduce to twice a week.
Ensure to incorporate Shea butter in your daily skin care routine. I use my shea butter 4 times every week as a nighttime moisturizer.

The best Shea Butter is the raw un processed kind with the natural nutty smell you might not like initially. You can get this easily from your local market. Shea butter should be yellowish or ivory colored. White Shea Butter can be found, and usually has this color because it has been highly refined. Just a quick reminder of how so good Shea Butter is: People of all ages and skin types utilize shea butter because of its many uses. Every house should have a jar of Shea butter for smoother skin or for treatment of minor skin injuries around the house.

Credits: www.evaalordiah.blogspot.com

Love Always


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