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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Always Learning and Growing-Sue Motivates

"Learning is like rowing upstream:not to advance is to drop back".-Chinese Proverb

Always learning and growing is an attitude- a force-full approach and mature outlook for conquering life,not being conquered by it.

Realise that in every moment of event is a chance to improve and advance your knowledge. The more information we gather,the more we broaden our mind.
Learning is an infinite journey,yet we should never pretend to know everything or to understand what we do not. All this does is limit us,naroows our opinions,and destroys an oppourtunity for growth.

Talking about taking advices,I had a little issue and normally I don't talk to people about my problems,so I decided to talk to a friend, and I was amazed by his responses and his own opinion about the issue.

Also my favourite O.A.P and mentor Chaz Bruce says this all the time before and after his programme "if one can reach one,then each one can teach one,what a much more beautiful nation nigeria will be"

Always embrace to learn ,by opening ourselves to expand our ideas,or input from others,we allow ourselves to expand our knowledge,skills,and expertise. This is not to say that you need to agree or accept everything or anything at fac value , but be open to it.

Examine and explore everything with the realisation that,regardless of how far you have come,there is still so much more to learn and experience

Learn the power in being the pupil;one who seeks to learn and understand. When at school,spend some one-on-one time with professors, take advantagge of their office hours to collect invaluable insight into a subject. Inquire about a topic and gain a more in-depth understanding.

Last Note:
Never develop a negative attitude or allow life to become redundant or discoveries. Find the power in even the smallest things.
Remember that life is extraordinary, if you work at it.

Love Always


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