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Thursday, 23 May 2013



One of the most important keys to a better life is to keep yourself happy,rather than living to please everybody else,it's easy to take on a false sense of responsibility,thinking that it is our job to keep everybody happy,to fix this person,or solve another persons problem.

Certainly it is noble and admirable to want to help as many people as you want but sometimes we get out of balance,we are doing everything for everybody else,but we are not taking time to keep ourselves healthy.
I've discovered that when I try to keep everybody happy by trying to meet all their needs,I'm the one who ends up suffering.

God doesn't want you to sacrifice your happiness to keep somebody else happy. Your first priority is to take care of yourself. To do so,you must recognize that some people are not going to be happy no matter what you do for them,no matter how much time and energy you give them, they have their own issues with which to deal or things inside that they need to resolve.

If you are the controller rather than the person being controlled you need to change. You are not going to be blessed by manipulating people to get your way. Quit pressuring people into doing things you want.

Also,if you have been living to please others,or constantly trying to fix everything rid yourself of that false sense of responsibility. Yes reach out to others,yes be kind and be compassionate, but make sure that you are keeping yourself happy always and at all times

Lastly,if you do not let people manipulate,or control you will:
-you will have more energy
-you will be happier
-you will have less stress
-you will be free to fulfil Gods plan for you life.

Remember to keep yourself happy EVERYDAY!!*wink*

Love Always


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