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Monday, 20 May 2013



BIBLE. READ: Act 13:6-12

Signs and wonders have a way of instigating faith and compelling belief. You cannot tell the impact just one sign or miracle will have on the assignment of a church,particularly if it is a notable or spectacular miracle.

For instance in the early church,when signs and wonders where wrought by the hands of the apostles,great multitudes were converted to the christian faith(Act 5:12-14).you need the power of the holy spirit in order to demonstrate to unbelievers that our God still performs wonders.

in the life of a user of this devotional, the lord is beginning a spate of signs and wonders that will draw many to his kingdom.When the lord does this,share your testimony and give God all the glory. you are for signs and wonders from now on, even your children will begin to testify of the wonders that God will be performing through them.


Behold,I and the children whom the lord hath given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the lord of hosts,which dwelleth in the mount zion.

Action point:

If antagonist of the gospel experience a sign ,they will change.
Ask that antagonists of the gospel would experience the wonder that will move them from their evil path.

Hummm...I hope you guys enjoyed this,I will be sharing the word of the lord from my open heavens daily.

May the lord give us to grace to understand his word.

Enjoy your day.

Love Always.


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